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Management of the themes and language

Customize Smart Table editor


Change the look of Table Smart Editor

It's possible to simply change layout and colors of Table Smart Editor by editing the Template field of TSESettings standard setting table.


Language settings

 Web.config keys below must be edited to manage language settings


    <add key="Language" value="en-US"/>
    <!--.NET Custom localization culture. Use your own to view customized fields format-->
    <add key="tinymce-language" value="en"/>
    <!--Changes the TyniMCE and Date Picker calendar language. Available only 'en' and 'it' in this installation. Download other languages files if needed-->

    <add key="SetDecimalSeparator" value="0"/>
    <!--Use 1 for decimal separator if Access Database Language is en-US. Use 0 for decimal separator if Access Database Language is it-IT.-->

    <add key="HomeBtnCaption" value="Home"/>
    <add key="BackBtnCaption" value="Back"/>
    <add key="SitoWebBtnCaption" value=""/>
    <add key="MainMenuCaption" value="Main Menù"/>
    <add key="PrevButtonCaption" value="Prev"/>
    <add key="NextButtonCaption" value="Next"/>
    <add key="EditCaption" value="Edit"/>
    <add key="DelCaption" value="Delete"/>
    <add key="InsCaption" value="Insert"/>
    <add key="SelCaption" value="Select"/>
    <add key="SelAllCaption" value="Select All"/>
    <add key="RowsPerPageCaption" value="Page Rows"/>
    <add key="RowsCaption" value="Rows"/>
    <add key="OfCaption" value="of"/>
    <add key="SearchCaption" value="Search"/>
    <add key="ShowAllCaption" value="Show all"/>
    <add key="DelSelCaption" value="Delete Selection"/>
    <add key="AddNewCaption" value="New"/>
    <add key="SaveBtnCaption" value="Save"/>
    <add key="CancBtnCaption" value="Cancel"/>
    <add key="DelBtnCaption" value="Delete"/>
    <add key="ExcelExportCaption" value="Export in Excel"/>
    <add key="InputNotValidCaption" value="Value Not valid"/>
    <add key="InputRequiredCaption" value="Required Field"/>
    <add key="NoRecordsCaption" value="No Records"/>
    <add key="NoResultsCaption" value="No item found"/>
    <add key="SaveFileCaption" value="Upload file"/>
    <add key="SelectFileCaption" value="Select File To Upload"/>
    <add key="LabelMaxSizeCaption" value="Max size"/>
    <add key="CloseFrameBtnCaption" value="Close"/>

    <!--Login Captions-->
    <add key="YourUsernameCaption" value="Username"/>
    <add key="YourPasswordCaption" value="Password"/>
    <add key="YourEmailCaption" value="Insert Your Registration Email"/>
    <add key="CheckEmailCaption" value="Check"/>
    <add key="LoginBtnCaption" value="Login"/>
    <add key="LoginFailedCaption" value="Login Failed"/>
    <add key="LoginDataNotSent" value="Wrong or not Valid Email"/>
    <add key="LoginDataSent" value="A message have been sent to your Email Address"/>



Try the demo using the following login information:
User: admin
Password: admin

Click here for demo


Check the program guide.

See the documentation